A very strict privacy policy

Excellence guarantees the protection of the personal data recorded by the participants registered on the site it has developed at the www.uppoint.net address and has fulfilled its legal obligations with respect to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (declaration n° HM 2001391).

None of the information given at the time of the inscription or in answering to an “UpPoint - Newsletter®” is visible to other Net users. That information is protected by a login and a password in such a way that only the participant who has introduced them via his login and his password has access to that personal information.

The password is personal and confidential. The participant is solely responsible for the use of his password. The participant undertakes to keep his login and password secret and not to divulge them to other persons in any way whatsoever.

The only reason for gathering personal information at the time of the participant’s inscription is to allow the management of individual scores and the establishment of statistical data.

Only collaborators of Excellence and their delegates have access to the databases and that only within the context of their work in managing the services proposed to participants. Within that context, any member of the personnel of Excellence or acting on its behalf is bound by a contractual confidentiality clause, with severe penalties in the event of non- compliance.

In no case does Excellence transmit or will it transmit individual data to third parties, whoever they may be.

The internal processing of individual data within the context of preparing statistical data is only done after the encoding of identification data.

Only data entirely anonymized by aggregation may be transmitted to a third party or published.

The data preserved par Excellence for their various uses are stored with the best security guarantees, namely:

  • the UpPointserver is hosted in a specialized “data centre”; that “data centre” is protected by a sophisticated series of protection measures, physical (accesscontrol), and logical on both the network level (firewalls) and the operating system level;
  • all the data exchanged between the UpPoint server and the client’s browser is encrypted in using an HTTPS protected protocol using a certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Detailed procedures concerning these aspects of security figure in a technical note filed by Excellence. They are the object of technical audits by an independent firm at regular intervals.

Pursuant to the law of January 6th, 1998 relating to the protection of data of a personal nature of December 8th, 1992, each participant has the right of access and correction to the data concerning him. To exercise his rights, thanks to his personal login and password, the participant has access to the “Inscription” function open on the site. The same applies should he wish to unsubscribe his inscription.

Excellence draws the attention of participants to the fact that the websites appearing in the “UpPoint - newsletters®”, in the “UpPoint” modules or indicated on the “UpPoint” site can collect information with regard to them. The practices of those sites in the area of information are normally available on those sites and in no way engages Excellence.

In order to better serve participants, the site manages two cookies (text files sent to the participant’s navigator and stored on his hard drive). The first stores his language (thus avoiding the participant’s having to respecify it each time he connects to the site; the second stores his identifier and has a one hour lifespan. This latter allows the participant to avoid signing in (login, password) each time he connects during that time period. The latter is informed that he can refuse their installation in following the procedure indicated on his navigator.

This site uses Google Analytics to analyse its audience and improve the contents of its showcase part i.e. the part you have access to when you are not connected with your own identifiers and you are not answering modules. For more information on the rules of confidentiality related to use of Google Analytics, click here:

By his inscription, the participant commits himself to not exploiting the “UpPoint - Newsletters®” nor the modules “UpPoint” nor any other information figuring on the “UpPoint” site to commercial or profit-seeking ends and recognizes that they are the intellectual property of their author.

UpPoint” is a registered trademark. The “UpPoint - Newsletters®”, the “UpPoint” modules as well as the entirety of the contents of the Website they form part of are the exclusive property of their authors, and constitute works in the sense of the provisions listed in article 13 of the Uniform Trade Mark Act and whose contents are regularly filed with an ad hoc organization.