UpPoint® is a LMS (Learning Management System) very powerful. It allows you to create and deliver distance training for your employees. The courses are accessible from anywhere via the Internet, everytime.

Wealth and optimally adaptable

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Speed and simplicity

Using technology PaaS, UpPoint® is managed entirely on our secure servers. Read more ...

UpPoint® : a strategic tool ...

Innovation management is a permanent factor in every company and organization. New products to be sold. New standards to be assimilated. New processes to be mastered.

The ability to sell new products, solve customers’ problems, cooperate in a new project, take updated standards into account, all that is based on training teams on a continuous basis. The winning companies are those with the highest internal training levels.

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Strategic tool
All sectors

... serving every sector of activity

UpPoint® was initially developed for the complex health sector. Today it corresponds perfectly to the needs of every actor who wishes to set up e-learning and e-survey programmes within their organizations or companies, and does so in every sector:
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Experience and expertise

UpPoint® was conceived and developed par Excellence Ltd (Brussels). The company was founded in 1999 and has always been active in the training field. It has been investing in e-technology et e-knowledge research and development for more than 20 years. Its services are used today in over 20 countries.

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