A strategic tool for companies that want to win

Innovation management is a permanent factor in every company and organization. New products to be sold. New standards to be assimilated. New processes to be mastered.

The ability to sell new products, solve customers’ problems, cooperate in a new project, take updated standards into account, all that is based on training teams on a continuous basis. The winning companies are those with the highest internal training levels .

But training comes at a cost. The trainers’ time. Getting around. Availability. Hence the interest of e-learning.

e-learning of which UpPoint® is a rich, flexible, adaptable and powerful version - yet simple, economic, and easily put to work.

With the additional advantages a quality informatics tool offers : follow-up of the team member’s knowledge on an individual level (scoring) and general level (statistical tools), surveys within teams or among customers (e-surveys), adaptation to user profiles, and functioning in several languages…

We don’t have to remind you of ...

... the Advantages of online training programmes ...

  • With e-learning you make up your training schedule. Training put on line is usable 7 days a week, 24 hours a day worldwide. It respects everyone’s time constraints without disturbing the organization’s activity.
  • e-learning makes quality contents designed by the best experts available to everyone.
  • e-learning facilitates, improves and accelerates knowledge, skills and information transfer within companies and organizations. It thus participates in the valorization of one of the company’s main riches: its knowledge capital.
  • e-learning is an economical solution. It reduces the cost of trainers, travel, and time loss, all factors which weigh on in-person training (seminars).
  • e-learning is an ecological tool, reducing the impact of travel on the environment (carbon impact).

The license fee includes training future administrators of UpPoint®.

As to the users, they need no training.

You will only have to consider complementary costs, on the basis of a preliminary estimate, should you want to entrust the development of modules beginning with your basic materiel to us, or should you want to take advantage of rapid and specific developments .